Aeropuerto Internacional General Juan N. Álvarez

Acapulco is Mexico's premier Pacific Coast tourist destination, receiving more than 5 million visitors per year. Since the days of the Manila galleons bringing goods and spices from the Far East to Acapulco, the city and its bay have been near the heart of Mexico's history. The vibrant metropolitan area today hosts many important cultural, sports, and entertainment events.

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Our stores at the airport

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Enjoy your flight, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Acapulco Duty Free store, whether it’s to make a last minute purchase or to pick up your order after having taken advantage of our Reserve & Collect service. Buy leading brand products at a low price thanks to our store's tax exemption at the airport. Come and enjoy the best shopping experience!

Acapulco Duty Free

Shop Categories
Tobacco, Alcohol, Perfume&Cosmetics, Souvenirs
52 (55) 5036 0900
Opening hours
7am - 9pm